New Butler County prosecutor gets to business

Michael Gmoser
Michael Gmoser

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - After a 38 year run as a trial lawyer, nearly 7.5 years as an Asst. Prosecutor and years as a defense attorney, newly appointed Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser knows a thing or two about the justice system.

"There is much to be said, for being what you might call well rounded, the ability to see things from both sides," Gmoser said.

Gmoser says he felt a need to pursue the position, after defending a case in Butler County opposite a former Asst prosecutor.

"I had some professional differences with a candidate also for this position and as a result of those differences, I felt a need to throw my hat in the ring to run this office," Gmoser said.

Gmoser is talking about former asst. Prosecutor Jason Phillabaum who was fired the first day Gmoser took office. Gmoser says one of the biggest changes in his office will be in attitude.

"Among our colleagues in the practice of law, we are not going to have an us vs. them mentality," Gmoser said.

The new prosecutor is also taking a nearly $37,000 pay cut, getting part- time pay for full time work, as he wraps up cases in his private practice.

"It eliminates that appearance of working on the county dime in private practice, and it is a way to give back to the county," Gmoser said.

You can also expect to see Gmoser inside the courtroom as he plans on working with every single Asst. Prosecutor.

" My goal is to try a case with every assistant on a regular basis, from time to time as they come up," Gmoser said.

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