Local Congress members react to passage of new $1.2 trillion bill

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - House Republicans have passed a $1.2 trillion bill for financing federal programs through the end of the current budget year. This Continuing Resolution cuts discretionary spending by over $61 billion over the next seven months, during the remainder of the fiscal year.

Local Representatives Jean Schmidt (R- OH) and Todd Rokita (R-IN) have both released statements regarding this bill.

Statement of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt on the passage of the Continuing Resolution:

"Tonight we took a first step in delivering the Republican promise of getting our fiscal house in order. It is my sincere hope that our colleagues in the U.S. Senate will join us in supporting these cuts.

While I wish we could have cut more, this is a good start. I am also disappointed by the short sightedness in the vote to eliminate the alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter. Not only because of the potential job loss for the people Southern Ohio, but also because competition has been proven to reduce the cost of military aircraft engines and provides a reliable safety net for our fighting men and women. I am committed to continuing to fight for the alternate engine for the Joint Strike fighter, because it is what's best for our nation and our military.

While this process was, at times, long and arduous, I am very pleased that this has been one of the most open and fair processes I have witnessed in my time as a Member of Congress. Just like the family kitchen table, we came together, had a fair and honest discussion and made decisions that will help our country."

Representative Todd Rokita (R-IN) released the following statement:

"It is high time someone restored order to America's fiscal House, and today I did so by voting to pass a continuing resolution with over $61 billion in savings.

Two things are especially noteworthy about this bill: its significant savings and the open process used to write it. The House of Representatives considered hundreds of amendments to this bill over the past week. When we are talking about spending the people's money that is exactly as it should be.

Our debt has increased nearly $4 trillion in the past two years, thanks to this morning's vote we are finally on a path to balanced budgets and real economic growth."

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