UC students plan protest of Ohio Senate bill number 5

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)-- On the heels of some dramatic protests in Wisconsin over a collective bargaining bill, a group from UC is planning a protest of Ohio Senate Bill #5, a bill they say would also target collective bargaining and limit the power of unions for public employees.

"Students don't agree with this assault on public workers and so we're gathering tomorrow to show our support for our professors and other public employees, as well as express our solidarity with the workers and students in Wisconsin right now," says Elisabeth Amthor, who organized Monday's rally.

The rally starts this afternoon at 3 p.m. at the McMicken Commons on UC's campus.

Amthor and others say the bill is essentially union busting, and could severely effect the pay, health care, and pensions of public workers and teachers.

"Student involvement is at an all time high right now. We're expecting students to really get involved, to really back up the public workers and the unions," says Kyle Gaindez.

Governor Kasich openly supports the bill, which will have it's fourth reading in the state house on Tuesday. He says passage of this bill will help reduce the budget deficit for Ohio, which is at around $8 billion.

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