Middletown Police begin "Beat Box" Patrols

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

The Middletown Police Department is prioritizing their patrols, targeting their resources on specific communities that see the most calls for service.
"If we identify the root causes for the calls for service, and we address those, then that should bring the calls for service level down," said Maj. Mark Hoffman of the Middletown Police Department.
It's called the "beat box" system --  the goal is to get to know specific neighborhoods and their nuances.
"What we want to do is for an officer to look more broadly and look at trends, look at thing that are going on in their area of assignment, and then find out the causes of the disorder or the crime," Hoffman said.
The department has identified three general areas: downtown, east of downtown and the community surrounding the police department, officers will zero on those specific regions, so they can patrol more proactively.
"If we can take our available resources and focus on where those calls for service are happening, and the people that are causing them, then we should be able to reduce our work load and that what we're trying to do," Hoffman said.
Officers will finish administrative duties during times in their shift where they typically less activity --freeing up time do more research and track trends in their assigned area.
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