Lemon Township couple charged with theft and forgery

MONROE, OH (FOX19) -- A local couple is charged after they are accused of filing false tax paperwork to make some quick cash.

On February 5, 31-year-old Shane Ward walked into the Liberty Tax Service on Oxford State Road and filed a tax return at the branch. As a promotion, Ward was given $50 cash. The next day Ward returned to the business along with his girlfriend, 23-year-old Sue Sizemore to file her taxes. Ward also refiled his taxes because of discrepancies from the day before. Sizemore received the promotional $50 cash and Ward received $20 cash for referring his girlfriend.

On February 7, the business received information that both tax returns from Ward and Sizemore were denied because they had filed with two other branches in Franklin and Hamilton. Police say that forms that both Ward and Sizemore used were forged. The Federal Identification number for a false business named "Distinctive Touch" was actually Ward's social security number.

The couple now owes Liberty Tax Service over $1,000 for preparation fees for both false tax returns.

The pair is on the run and now charged with Forgery and Theft.

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