Creation Museum denies alleged gay couple entrance to dinner

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PETERSBURG, KY (FOX19) - The Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky is firing back on claims they denied a gay male couple access to a Valentine's Day dinner.

A gay-rights group said the museum did nothing wrong.

Two Louisville men are claiming the museum would not let them attend the Valentine's Day dinner, because they were gay. The museum says the pair was not allowed in because of a blog post that led them to believe the pair was coming with an intent to disrupt a romantic evening out.

"They were here to disrupt, they may say something else, but all you have to read is that January 13th blog," said Mark Looy, who is a spokesperson for The Creation Museum.

Looy said two men, who posed as a gay couple and tried to crash a Valentine's date night, would never have been allowed in under those circumstances.

"Since then, both of them admitted they are straight," Looy said. "It was a stunt, this is a manufactured story, to draw attention to themselves."

Looy said, barring their admission had nothing to do with their sexual identity.

"We welcome everyone to visit The Creation Museum," Looy said. "Regardless of the view of what we present inside. What we had here was an intentional set-up, a manufactured story."

Looy pointed to a January blog post on the website,, where he says a 'Joe' writes, 'Let's get to work doing a fundraiser, so we can send the most flamboyantly gay couple to this dinner. I consider it our patriotic duty.'"

"And they were coming to, what was clearly a romantic evening to celebrate the Christian marriage as we teach at The Creation Museum," Looy said. "And so it's quite obvious they were there to make a scene and disrupt our 96 dinner guests."

Brandon Absher told the museum staff, his "date" for the event was running late.

"We said, his name is Joe and he'll be here soon," Absher said.

But when Joe showed up, both men were turned away and left without incident the museum said.

"This is private property and we have signs even posted saying that we expect our visitors to behave in a respectful way," Looy said. "And we certainly are allowed to tell people to leave if they are disruptive or if they have expressed an intent to be disruptive."

Looy said he is surprised he hasn't heard any backlash from local gay leaders.

"That these two men who were straight, came to the museum posing as a gay couple, in essence, playing to the stereotype of gays," Looy said. "I'm surprised there hasn't been any outrage from the gay leaders in the area."

Chris Hartman, who is Director of the Fairness Campaign, said the museum did nothing illegal.

"There are no federal or state laws prohibiting discrimination, on the basis of someone's perceived sexual orientation or gender identity," Hartman said. "So, if someone believes you to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, they have every legal right to deny you a public accommodation, like a museum visit or restaurant visit or bus ride."

The museum claims the men raised the $70 to attend by soliciting contributions from that website and refuse to give it back. The museum said the food still had to be paid for, since big menus are figured out weeks in advance.

A male-female couple with them from Louisville was allowed in.

Looy said he is unaware if any other gay or lesbian couples attended the dinner.

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