Green Beer Day is no excuse to miss class

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OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - On March 3, hundreds of Miami students will fill the bars, and celebrate St. Patrick's Day by drinking green beer.

"A lot of pong, a lot of green beer and a lot of green shirts going on," said junior Nick Steiger.

The all day drink-a-thon can cause many problems. University officials say Green Beer Day not only increases the risk to academic success but also compromises student's safety, including underage drinking, alcohol poisoning and driving while intoxicated.

Every year the university sends a memo to professors, reminding them the day is not an excuse for students to miss class.

The memo reads: "Please do not amend your class schedule on the following days by canceling class or excusing students who choose to participate in excessive consumption of alcohol. Faculty members are expected to hold students responsible for class attendance and active participation on these days."

"I have never had class canceled," said Steiger. "It's pretty much expected to go there."

Freshman Adam Gold said, "My calculus professor is actually giving a test on Green Beer Day. I feel like teachers feel like we shouldn't be drinking and they like giving test on the day."

Some students say the day does effect professor's lesson plans.

"I think some teachers have the understanding that a lot of students aren't going to make it to class, so teachers just avoid doing things that are going to effect a lot of students," said Scott Reighart, junior.

In 2010, Oxford Police handed out more than 40 citations on Green Beer Day, including two felony charges for assault and vandalism.

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