OSU To Crack Down On Partying At Football Games

OSU to crack down on partying at football games

Ohio State University is putting its raucous fans on notice. The university plans to step up its police presence during football games to stop out-of-control behavior. That means police will be a bit more vigilant in enforcing liquor laws. The enforcement blitz begins August 30th when the Buckeyes play Washington at Ohio Stadium. More O-S-U police will be patrolling areas that are traditional tailgating spots. The university wouldn't say how many more officers will be out there. So does that mean there won't be any drinking around the stadium on game day? Not exactly. University spokeswoman Elizabeth Conlisk says O-S-U doesn't have the manpower to go after everybody drinking a beer. The goal is to try to -- quote -- "eliminate the most egregious behavior."