Overload On Electric Grid In 1998 Prompted Warnings

Overload on electric grid in 1998 prompted warnings

Five years ago, Ohio regulators and others warned that the nation's power systems might not be able to handle growing consumer demand. The warning came after there was an overload on the Midwest's electric grids in 1998. The problems five years ago are seen by some as foreshadowing to last week's massive blackout. In 1998, temperatures consistently in the 90s led to an increased demand for power in Ohio. The grid was nearing its capacity when a tornado wrecked transmission lines at the Davis-Besse nuclear plant near Toledo, further straining the system. That caused the cost of electricity to skyrocket from 40 dollars per megawatt hour to more than 75-hundred. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio then issued their warnings with PU-CO warning that it could happen again.