Truck crashes through Covington woman's house

Bryce Johnson (Source: Kenton county Jail)
Bryce Johnson (Source: Kenton county Jail)

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - An elderly Kenton County woman escaped serious injury after a pick-up truck came crashing through her living room wall Wednesday afternoon.

Underneath a tarp in front of her house at the corner of Kentucky and Johnson streets is a pile of rubble just waiting for the insurance adjusters to sift through.

"It exploded," said neighbor Clint King. "I mean it absolutely exploded."

That's how King describes the inside of the house in Covington. King helps take care of his elderly neighbor, Melvina Sheffield, whose house got impaled by a red pick-up truck.

"I turned that corner and they had the whole street blocked," King said. "And I could see the pick-up truck sticking out of the side of the house and thought, 'Uh oh.'"

The truck did so much damage, King said they had to erect support beams inside the living room to shore things up.

"I walked her dog," he said. "I guess it was about 1:30."

King walks her dog with his and brings her lunch. He makes sure she's taken care of. But by the time he'd gotten back to her house.

"The guy was coming-up this way and he lost control of his vehicle and he put the nose of it into the side of the house," King said.

King grabbed his camera and captured some amazing pictures, which he shared with FOX19.

A witness told police the driver of the truck had flipped her off when she yelled for him to slow down and then his truck crashed into the house.

"Well, I guess it came back to bite him in the butt," said King.

Luckily, Sheffield and her grandson were in the back of the house, in her kitchen, but only moments before, Sheffield had been sitting at the exact point of impact.

King said Sheffield has a bad heart and is lucky nothing more serious happened.

Sheffield and her grandson are staying with relatives until the adjustors can get out and get a true assessment of the damage.

Tee driver of the truck, 38-year-old Bryce Johnson, was bleeding from injuries to his nose and mouth from the impact.

He's in the Kenton County jail, charged with OVI, driving with a suspended license, failure to produce an insurance card and wanton endangerment.

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