Lakota divulges details to budget reduction plan

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - More than $12 million worth of cuts were presented Wednesday night at Lakota East High School. The most significant cuts will be made at the elementary level where 50 teachers will lose their jobs.

"Every part of Lakota is going to take a hit,"  said Ron Spurlock, Lakota Interim Superintendent.

Reduction in staff means only one reading specialist for each grade level school. That is a concern for many parents.

"My son had some help from a reading specialist who just pushed him up where he needed to be and I'm just concerned that's one of the cuts," said Krista Weizman.

At the junior high level more than $1. 7 million will be cut, which will include 25 staff members. At the high school level $1.8 million will be cut and 28 staff members will lose their jobs.

"Most of the reductions are going to be a loss of elective opportunities for our students," said Spurlock

The district will also propose a pay-to-play athletic program at the high school level. Each athlete must pay $550 per sport to participate. The district also plans to eliminate junior school athletics.

"We are planning that most of these reductions will be permanent and if we bring anything back it will be at the expense of something else," said Spurlock.

Spurlock will present the reductions to the school board on Monday Feb. 28 for their final approval. District officials say if a levy is not passed this year, more reductions will have to be made.

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