Cleaning up the paper clutter in your home

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bills, statements and files can add up quickly if you have the habit of putting them in one place. By taking a few steps to manage your mess, you could reduce the amount of paper clutter you have.

"It's really important to organize your papers because it helps you be more productive," said Linda Radford, of Completely Organized. Radford has been helping clients organize their homes and businesses since 2003.

The first hurdle to get over is simply getting started.  So let's start with mail.  It's a habit for many to thumb through the mail, set it down, and forget about it. "The easiest solution is keeping a basket in a central location," says Radford. Then at the end of the week get rid of unwanted papers.

Another great resource for cutting down paper clutter is to shred unwanted or junk mail immediately after receiving them. Check what can be discarded right after reading it and throw it away.

The digital age offers help with paper clutter by doing away with paper statements all together. Radford doesn't suggest that being the ultimate solution. "I wouldn't suggest going completely paperless," says Radford, "but you can definitely reduce your paper clutter."

Some people may not like the idea of going completely paperless, so Radford suggests using a physical safety deposit box to file away important documents.  When filing, come up with unique ways to keep it organized.  "Make it fun, use color to file, different file colors and different folders" she says. "For example green for finance, blue for vital records and yellow for recreation."

One last way to reduce paper clutter is to get rid of receipts that add up over time. Throw them out once a week, but in the meantime, keep them organized for quick reference.

There's no right way to manage your paper clutter, but just getting started will put you on the right track to a paper clutter free home.

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