Keeping your basement dry when heavy rains hit

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Coming home to a flooded basement or a backed up sewer system is never a welcome sight. Local plumbing companies say they have been inundated with phone calls this week for those very problems and expect even more business in the next 24 hours.

Homeowner Vicki Brabbs knows living in an older home in Greenhills has it's up keep. "This house the problems been the sewage lines, the old clay tile pipes are slowly deteriorating," said Brabbs.

After heavy rains this week, Brabbs walked into her basement to find the unpleasant sight and smell of a backed up sewage system.  So Brabbs called Thompson plumbing who is working to fix the problem, among dozens of other calls.

"We've been slammed this week...lot of sub pump calls like I said, a lot of flooded basements just some sewer back ups," said Mike Sekach with Thompson Plumbing.

After taking care of Brabbs' backed up sewer, Thompson Plumbers knows this is only the beginning of what could be a very long night. "I'm on call so the wife already knows I'm not going to be home early. So we'll be out full force taking care of Cincinnati," said Sekach.

Plumbers say you can't always plan for a leaky pipe or heavy rainfall, but you can have your pipes and sump pump checked on a regular basis for cracks and potential breaks.

Some companies even offer a free drain vision to see exactly what is going on to prevent any flooding.

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