Williamstown company prepares programs for Hollywood's biggest night

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY (FOX 19) -- A Northern Kentucky company is leaving its mark on the 83rd Academy Awards.

KCD Multidisciplined Creative Source is nestled on an old tobacco farm in Williamstown, Kentucky. But inside the company designs the programs, advertising and keepsakes for Hollywood's biggest show.

Capturing the magic of Oscar Night is the responsiblity of KCD's Creative Director Kamren Colson. Colson landed the contract after cold calling the Academy six years ago and every year since has designed the books that every guest takes home.

"We show a lot of attention to the details, as you can imagine, it's a very intricate project where they would not just trust it to anyone," says Colson.

Colson along with his co-workers have to be detail oriented dealing with more than 100 nominees in 24 categories.

"We want to make sure that their names are spelled correctly and that credit is given where credit is due," says Kelsee Link, KCD's business manager.

Graphic designer Adam Greber could only reveal the front cover of the program, the inside pages will remain until red carpet night.

"I'm here in Kentucky doing this project and then sometimes when we see it on television or go out to the West Coast and see it in people's hands, I just can't believe it, I need to pinch myself," says Greber.

Colson and company says the process is collaborative and they always try to out do last year's concept in a short amount of time.

"Usually it's a period of months and then in the days following the announcement of the nominations, it's a matter of working really tirelessly to bring it to life," says Colson.

After completing the design in Kentucky the Oscar programs were officially printed in Los Angeles earlier this week. Nearly 20,000 copies are distributed for the show as well as Oscar Night parties around the country.