What you're actually paying for at the pump

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As the price of gas increases, so do the worries of local gas station owners.

Marc Duebbers owns just one gas station, and his bottom line gets hit each time gas prices go up. He says traffic slows down and so does his profit margin.

Duebbers is trying to offset the loss by selling finer wines and microbrews, and relying on customer service to keep his regular customers regular. "If people come into a place and money is being spent and taking care of customers, then a lot of times they'll always come back."

Here is what you're paying for when you buy a gallon of gas:

  • You pay $2.81 to the gas supplier
  • 42 cents in State and Federal Taxes
  • 3 cents to haul the gas to the station
  • 10 cents for credit card fees

That adds up to $3.36. The rest is up to the gas station owner. So if the gas is $3.38, the gas station owner is making two cents per gallon in profit.

The only number that changes in this equation is the amount that goes to the gas supplier, and that number comes from the cost per barrel of oil.

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