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Tea Party to Boehner: "Keep your promises"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tea Party groups in Congressman John Boehner's district are asking the new Speaker of the House and the House of Representatives to honor their commitments.

The following letter was sent by Tea Party groups to Rep. Boehner:

Ohio's Eighth Congressional District is one of the most conservative parts of Ohio, if not the country.  It is home to over 10 Liberty groups with thousands of members.  Liberty groups from all over District Eight have united together, working to secure fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and free markets in the United States.

The constituents of District Eight are proud to have you as our Congressman and as Speaker of the House.  We wish you success.

As this letter is written, our national debt stands at $14,141,191,885,778.34.  This debt limits the success of our children and grandchildren, and straps them with a future burden to pay for your leadership decisions.  The accumulation of debt has to stop.

We are writing to express our extreme disappointment in your choice to support an increase in our nation's debt ceiling.  Raising the debt ceiling is in direct conflict with the platform that you and the Republicans in Congress ran on in November. The Pledge to America states, "Instead of pushing off our long-term fiscal challenges, we will reform the budget process to ensure that Congress begins making the decisions that are necessary to protect our entitlement programs for today's seniors and future generations."

The liberty groups in District Eight hope you share our concerns regarding the negative impact on our countries economic future that more debt will create. We request your assurances, that you will fulfill your promises in the Pledge to America and not push off the tough fiscal challenges that face us.  Raising the debt ceiling is not facing a problem; it is simply putting it off for another day.

We are anticipating your leadership in finding solutions to our long-term fiscal challenges.

Brittany Bramell, a spokeswoman for Boehner, issued the following statement:

The Pledge to America promised to cut spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, and save $100 Billion in taxpayer dollars compared to the President's FY11 budget request.  Last week the House lived up to that commitment when it passed a bill that included the largest discretionary spending cuts in modern history.  Now, President Obama is begging Congress to raise the debt ceiling without these essential cuts.  House Republicans will stand firm, insisting on real spending cuts and reforms so we can create an environment that allows for private sector job growth and protects future generations from the burden of unsustainable debt.

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