Winton Woods Board of Education approves open enrollment

Winton Woods Board of Education
Winton Woods Board of Education

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) —The Winton Woods Board of Education approved an open enrollment policy for the district at its February 28 meeting. The new policy permits the enrollment of students from any Ohio district in a Winton Woods school or program.

Board of Education President John Pennycuff says the policy was put into place "primarily because of the potential for additional revenue starting with the coming school year." Under the new policy, the home district of out-of-district students attending Winton Woods City Schools would pay Winton Woods to educate their children. Winton Woods stands to gain approximately $5700 for each student it enrolls from out of district.

The Winton Woods Board of Educations says the new open enrollment policy gives priority to students already residing in the district and limits acceptance of out-of-district students based on class or program size limitations and building capacity. "The number of openings in a particular program for students from other Ohio districts will be determined by the optimum size for a particular program, classroom, school building or grade level," says Pennycuff. "This is the number of students that can be accommodated without increasing district expenditures for staff, space or equipment."

Students may be denied enrollment if they have faced discipline such as suspension or expulsion, have been convicted of certain crimes or are credit deficient. Once enrolled in Winton Woods City Schools, the enrollment may be revoked as a result of poor attendance and/or repeated or serious violations of the student code of conduct.

Applications for enrollment from students outside the Winton Woods district will be accepted each year from April 1 through August 1. Also beginning April 1, out-of-district eighth grade students may apply to be freshmen in the district's new Academy of Global Studies. Applications will be considered as long as there are seats available in this first-of-its-kind high school program in Ohio.

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