Deep cuts coming to W. Clermont Local Schools

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - West Clermont Local School District Superintendent Gary Brooks is pretty open about the personnel cuts he's making now.

"We talk about cutting to the bone, this is really beyond the bone," says Brooks. "It's really into core instruction and things of that nature and things that are really dramatically impacting students lives."

35 staffers won't have jobs at any of the schools in his district next year, even if voters pass a 7.9 mil levy. Brooks says it's all to make up about $2 million in budget shortfall.

"We're probably about one or two elections away from financial emergency like Little Miami," says Brooks.

Little Miami School District went into fiscal emergency late last year when voters there said no to that district's efforts to raise levy funds.

Now, Brooks fears voters where he works will do the same.

"Property owners are just kind of taxed out and its very hard when they're unemployed themselves, a lot of them to vote for the schools," says Linda Bloom, who has been driving a bus for West Clermont for two decades.

Bloom's not afraid of losing her job but is afraid for others.

"A lot of times, that's their health benefits, well, it's everything, its how they feed their kids," said Bloom.

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