7 arrests made on Green Beer Day in Oxford

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - Oxford Police have made seven arrests and issued five citations on Thursday, as Miami University students celebrate Green Beer Day.

Hundreds of students woke early Thursday morning to drink green beer to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the start of Spring. The students will trade in their Redhawk Red for Irish Green.

Students filled the bars that have opened early all around Miami University.

Police say this Green Beer Day was tamer than ones in the past. Last year Oxford police handed out more than 40 citations on Green Beer Day, including two felony charges for assault and vandalism.

University officials say Green Beer Day not only increases the risk to academic success but also compromises student's safety, including underage drinking, alcohol poisoning and driving while intoxicated.

Every year the University sends a memo to professors reminding them Green Beer Day is not an excuse for students to miss class. The memo reads: "Please do not amend your class schedule on the following days by canceling class or excusing students who choose to participate in excessive consumption of alcohol. Faculty members are expected to hold students responsible for class attendance and active participation on these days."

Many students say that Green Beer Day does affect the professors lesson plans, and most students are saying that they have strategically planned all year for this.

Additional police officers and firefighters will be on hand all day Thursday in Oxford. The Fire Department is spending an extra $950 on additional personnel.

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