Local bars and restaurants need Bengals for business

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX 19) -- Football season is always a big money make for nearby bars and restaurants attracting die hard fans and even first time tourists.

Local owners and managers say the Bengals football team helps keep servers and cook employed and the doors open during the slower off season months.

"It increases business by 25-35 percent," says Keith Maloy, general manager of Rock Bottom Brewery on Fountain Square.

A bump in business is exactly why bars like Tina's on 4th and Central and Rock Bottom open their doors early on Sunday game days.

"When the Bengals are here that is definitely something we look forward to, we get a big pop before the game, big pop after the game, lot of fun," says Maloy.

Tina's is located just down the street from Paul Brown Stadium is a hot spot for Bengals fans before the game.

"People in this city love their football, they love the Sundays, they love just the whole feel of it," says Brandon Marchioni, manager of Tina's.

Marchioni says they are packed on Bengals Sundays which helps Tina's stay in business during the off season.

"Those ten days a year are what make it all worth it they help push us through the slow months," says Marchioni.

Both Rock Bottom and Tina's say they do pretty well during the rest of the week without the Bengals and are looking forward to a successful baseball season with the Reds.

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