Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against University of Cincinnati Executive Vice President

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A University of Cincinnati employee has filed charges against the University of Cincinnati, UC President Greg Williams, and former Executive Vice President Fred Reynolds.

The plaintiff, Sandra K. Smith, was the Executive Director to three UC Presidents for seven years. Smith filed a charged against UC with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for wrongful termination based on sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace.

In the lawsuit filed, Smith claims she was subject to unwanted sexually explicit remarks and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature by her co-worker, Fred Reynolds. She claims management, Human Resources, and UC President Greg Williams were all aware of the harassment by Reynolds, yet took no actions to protect her from this behavior.

She claims the harassment was severe enough to affect the terms and conditions of her employment. She states UC has attempted to stain her good name. She made $95,000 a year and she states in the lawsuit that she can't find a job and she is blackballed after years of exemplary service to the University of Cincinnati.

Smith is asking the court to grant her a judgment for compensatory damages for her economic injuries, a judgment for compensatory damages for her non-economic injuries, including emotional pain and suffering and lost opportunity. She is also asking to be awarded punitive damages, a judgment award for her reasonable fees and costs, a trial by jury and any such other relief in law and equity the court deems proper.

The University of Cincinnati has released the following statement about the lawsuit:

Statement by Mitchell McCrate, University of Cincinnati General Counsel:

"The University of Cincinnati investigated these claims thoroughly when they were first presented to us. There is no basis in fact to the allegations made in this complaint. We will defend ourselves vigorously in court."

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