Hundreds rally against Senate Bill 5

By Cory Stark – bio |email |twitter | Facebook

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - More than two hundred protestors waved signs and chanted, "Kill Senate Bill 5."

"It's just the fear of the unknown, that is the biggest thing," said John Puckett, bill protestor.

For many protestors, it's not just that Senate Bill 5 would limit union's rights to negotiate wages, benefits and pensions, but it's also the way current legislatures have handled the bill.

"It's hard to wrap your head around," said Steven Orth, teacher. "These rights we are fighting for have been in place for 30 years."

And when senate president Tom Niehaus removed local senator Bill Seitz from the Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee..

We are willing to forgive, as long as they reverse it," said Puckett.  "But if they don't we won't forgive or forget."

Supporters of the bill say it's time to level the playing field between the public and private sector, and point out the private sector has been taking cuts for years while government has not..

Governor John Kasich said, "Our state, counties, cities and school districts need the flexibility to reduce their costs and better manage their workforces, and taxpayers deserve to be treated with more fairness."

The bill passed in the Senate by the slimmest of margins, now protestors hope the house stops the bill it its tracks.

"As it moves to the house, I hope the house actually stands up and puts up a fight and turns the tide," said Emilly Osterling.