Mardi Gras in MainStrasse for the weekend

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MAINSTRASSE, KY (FOX19) - Big weekend in the Village of MainStrasse. It is officially Mardi Gras there.

The party is underway, but keep in mind, police are going to be on patrol, keeping everyone safe.

Not even the rain can stop a Mardi Gras parade.

It's all about getting those coveted beads, if you can catch them! Hottest grab of the night though, umbrellas, in a relentless heavy rain.

Some of the beads are seriously elaborate Walt Benn had a neck full of some prize baubles.

"I've got some hand painted jesters, those are the best ones," Benn said. "I got them in New Orleans, except I got them on the internet, I still can't afford to go down there just yet."

So, the next best thing is Mardi Gras in MainStrasse.

The village has really done it's homework over the last few years of having a huge event like this.

"There's ten bars and restaurants that are participating who will all be having parties," said Kim Blank with the MainStrasse Village Association. "Some of them will have bands, some of them will have DJ's."

They've added plenty of new officers on patrol.

"There'll be walking patrols, we'll have bicycle patrols," said Colonel Spike Jones with the Covington Police Department. "We'll also have officers in patrol cars in the area and the surrounding streets checking the residential areas as well."

They have 30 to 35 additional officers here on-scene and it's being paid-for by the village to keep you safe.

"So, the taxpayers aren't footing the bill for this," Jones said.

Tickets are ten dollars and you get a wristband and they only have six-thousand tickets available, so once they're gone, that's it.

Hopefully, everyone has a safe, fun time and gets home ok. Mardi Gras runs through Sunday.

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