Flooding Continues to Cause Problems across Tri-State

East Miami River Road
East Miami River Road
Miamitown Bridge
Miamitown Bridge
Kathleen Niece, Warsaw, KY
Kathleen Niece, Warsaw, KY
Marie Blackwell, Miamitown OH
Marie Blackwell, Miamitown OH

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Flood Warning continues for the Great Miami River at Miamitown until Wednesday afternoon.

The Flood Watch has been canceled for most of the Tri-state area. Forecasters predict the river will continue to rise to near 22.6 feet by Monday morning.

The weather service said at stages near 22 feet, flood water impacts homes just north of Miamitown.

At 1 p.m. on Saturday, the stage was 17.5 feet. Minor flooding is occurring and minor flooding is in the forecast.  Flood stage is 16 feet. The river will continue rising to near 23.5 feet by Sunday evening.

But some people living near the Great Miami are not concerned.

"It won't get up in here, it might get up on the hillside over there, it won't get up to that house though, it usually doesn't," says Ted Backscheider.

Backscheider has lived near the Great Miami for 15 years, he says this happens a couple times a year and most people are used to it.

The river will fall below flood stage late Wednesday morning.

At stages near 23 feet, flooding occurs along the Great Miami River south of Miamitown, over Southwest Miami Township.

Flooding also occurs along the river from New Baltimore to Cleves.

Another flood warning was issued for most of Fayette and Union counties, including parts of Butler and Warren counties.

Kenton County Police have reported that Cody Road, in Independence, KY, has been closed due to rain and flooding.

Rain will be heavy at times today and between 2"-3" total of rain is expected. Streams will rise and some are expected to flood.

The Ohio River will fall a bit then rise to near or above flood stage at all locations in the FOX19 viewing area.

In Cincinnati, Maysville and Markland it will rise to just flood stage and at Maysville the river will go to 2' above flood stage Wednesday.

If you live near or on the river, be on the look-out for rapidly rising water throughout the day.

FOX19 will bring more information as it becomes available.

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