Riverfront restaurants close because of flooding

NEWPORT, KY (FOX 19) - Hooters and the Beer Sellar along the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky have shut their doors to keep customers and employees safe, but as the weekend approaches the businesses are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

"We rise and fall with the river, " said Hooters General Manager Kim Gaiser.

The rushing and rising waters of the river is costing Hooters between $20,000 to $30,000  due to the flooding.

"Everybody wants to watch NCAA right now, that is going on and it's pretty competitive so we're generally very busy, so it's thousands of dollars that we are going to lose this weekend," said Gaiser.

As water covers the main entrance ramp, the restaurants have had to cancel private parties booked for the weekend leaving managers with nothing to do but wait for the waters to recede. Servers and cooks have been able to transfer to other Hooters locations to continue working.

"We're hoping Mother Nature is kind to us and that the river goes back down Tuesday and Wednesday so that we can have all the fun for St. Patrick's Day," says Gaiser.

Also hoping for a rain reprieve is Coney Island, where the Ohio comes up through the park via storm drains located throughout the park.

Parking lots look more like lakes and the Sunlight Pool is no longer living up to its name.

"We've got about a foot and a half of water on here right now so this is always the area that first gets it because it is so low in the flood plain," says Vice President of Operations Mike Howard.

And as the waters continue to rise it leaves many wondering when it will come to an end.

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