Local Muslims react to Congressional hearings

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Dr. Inayat Malik has been closely monitoring news of the Congressional hearing this week that will explore the so called radicalization of Muslims by terrorist organizations.

"I think it will be seen negatively not only by the Muslim community in this country, but the entire Muslim world," Malik said.

Malik says he still can't figure out why the hearings are being held in the first place.
"When you hold hearings in Washington, targeting simply Muslims, to look at the radicalization of Muslims in America, I don't think it plays very well in the rest of the Muslim world," Malik said.
Malik chairs the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati in West Chester, representing thousands of Muslims in the tri-state, he says the local Muslim community feels they are being targeted, as do Muslims nationwide who have began protesting the hearings.
"To pick out a group of people which are not monolithic, simply based on religion, doesn't seem to make any sense to me," Malik said.
New York Congressman Peter King who chairs the Homeland Security Committee that's holding the hearings has said the they're necessary to examine a legitimate threat posed by Muslims being radicalized and if Muslim-Americans are doing their part to notify authorities -- Malik  says he's not disputing that there are threats. 
"I don't doubt that there are potential threats, and many of those have been turned in by the Muslims," Malik said.

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