Gas prices lower in some areas, though still high

CNICINNATI (FOX19) - Gasoline prices are continuing a slow downward drift a week after a hike that raised prices for regular to 3.49 (omitting the last "9") around most of the Tri-State.  Many stations remain at that level or slightly below it, but prices in some areas have dropped to levels significantly below that. has reports of gas for 3.309 or less in Fairfield Township northeast of Hamilton, Fairfield, Monroe, St. Bernard, Reading, and Sharonville.  There are also similar prices reported at the Costco and Sam's Clubs off Fields-Ertel Road for people who are members.

An area of fairly low prices in Milford has spread up the hill into Miami Township in Clermont County.  Most stations in those areas were reported to be selling gas at either 3.33 or 3.35 per gallon.

The lowest levels in the area now are more than the highest levels at the start of the year.

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