Ohio River expected to crest at or above flood stage

Source: Allie Craven, pix@fox19.com
Source: Allie Craven, pix@fox19.com

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio River will crest at or above flood stage along the entire length of the river in the FOX19 viewing area and will stay at or above flood stage for an extended period of time not dropping back to flood stage until late next week.

At 1 p.m., the river at Cincinnati was measured at 55.3 feet. It's expected to crest at 56.6 feet on Monday afternoon. Anything over 56 feet is considered moderate flooding.

In response to the flooding, the City of Cincinnati is installing floodgates across Mehring Way and Carr Street, requiring the closure of Mehring Way between Harriet Street and Freeman Avenue. Detour signs will be in place. For a full list of road closures, click here.

In other areas:

  • Ohio River @ Markland now 49.8' going above flood stage 3 p.m. Friday then rising to 52.0' by 7am Sunday. (flood stage = 51')
  • Ohio River @ Cincinnati now 54.9' - it surpassed flood stage @ 7:10 p.m. Wednesday and will rise to 56.5' 1pm Monday. (flood stage = 52')
  • Ohio River @ Meldahl now 51.73' - it surpassed flood stage @ 12:30 p.m. Thursday and will rise to 54.3'@ 1 p.m. Monday. (flood stage = 51')
  • Ohio River @ Maysville now 52.4' - it surpassed flood stage @ 4 p.m. Wednesday and will rise to 55.0' @ 1 p.m. Monday. (flood stage = 50')
A flood warning is also in effect for the Little Miami River and Ohio River around Newtown and Anderson Township.

The river is not expected to go back below flood stage until late next week, perhaps as late as Friday.

The high water is also causing a lot of problems for business owners and local residents along the river.

Bellevue's Beach Park is almost entirely under water. Hooters and The Beer Sellar have shut their doors to keep customers and employees safe. In addition, Riverview East Academy on Kellogg Avenue is closed on Thursday.

In addition, students at Riverview East Academy have been forced to relocate due to flooding at the school.

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