Princeton HS creates commercial inspired by Chrysler Super Bowl commercial

SPRINGDALE, OH (FOX19)---At first glance, it looks like the famous Chrysler commercial from the Super Bowl, but it isn't. It's the Princeton High School version.

"You always want to motive your kids, you want to set your kids on fire, to do well at school and have pride in what they do here," said principal William Sprankles.

That's why he and a select group of teachers and students spent about two weeks this February working on the commercial, a project they hoped would inspire everyone who is attending--or has attended--Princeton High School.

Senior Willie Bennett narrates the piece.

"A current teacher, Mr. Glover, was supposed to do it, but there was too much grandpa and not enough swagga in it," said Bennett.

Bennett's not ashamed to admit he rides high on Viking pride. He says, when the rest of the school watched the commercial at a pep rally this week, he saw his fellow classmates fill up with school pride too.

"Through our trials and tribulations, we're still here, we're still excellent. You know, we're still princeton.And people need to know that," said Bennett.

It's been a few hard years for the school. The district recently slashed eight million dollars from it's budget. In the summer of 2010, Jovante Woods died after a football practice. A former student, Uriah Ware, died in a shooting in January. And there have been many other sad events.

But Principal Sprankles doesn't want to focus on the tragedies.

"The more pride that kids have here, the more motivated they are... The more vested they are going to be in the school culture here," says Sprankles.

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