Ludlow, Ky. hit hard by Ohio River flooding

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LUDLOW, KY (FOX19) - Several northern Kentucky business are impacted by the rising floodwaters. They've closed their doors and moved all sorts of goods to higher ground. In Ludlow, a wedding reception was moved or it would have been under water.

At Spati Industries on Kenner Street, there is a lot to worry about as well, especially when they have several big pieces of machinery, which weigh about 15-000 pounds each.

"It could be all hands on-deck," said Monte Landers. Their small staff of 12 has an overwhelming task ahead.

"Right now, we're watching the river level and deciding whether or not we're gonna start getting trucks in here and getting machinery outta here," he said.

But their equipment is crazy heavy.

"Ten to fifteen-thousand pounds," he said.

And that's per machine. One, which is on skids right now, will take three tractor trailers alone to leave the building.

But will it get out before any water gets in?

"That is the river at the foot of Kenner Street," Landers said pointing out the window. "And I think right now, we're at about 54 feet...61 feet puts it in the building."

Colleague Joe Preece said you never know what you're going to see floating by.

"Probably about a 40-foot tree just floating down, then a couple of basketballs," Preece laughed.

Down the street, it's the Ludlow Vets versus the river.

"50 years ago, almost, we used to row beer, we used to row beer across the road to Bromley Fire Department, because they couldn't get out at all," said vet and former Ludlow firefighter Charlie Stulz.

And many of his fellow vets recalled the frozen flood of the late 50's.

"Well, the river came up, then it froze, and then when the river dropped, all the ice that was on the banks around kind of just stayed there, so put our skates on and it was like skating downhill on the ice and back up again til it all melted and that was the end of that."

Inside their clubhouse, it was a mad scramble to get stuff up and off of the floor. The 1997 flood did some serious damage to their room downstairs.

"It took the whole ceiling out," said vet Bill Rolf.

A swing-set out back is already sunk in the floodwaters.

"All this where we are was underwater in 1937," he said.

And, on the corner of Ludlow School, there is a tiny plaque near the cornerstone, which tells that soggy story.

The water was already knocking at the door and creeping inside.

One of the problems with the flood is folks are ignoring the 'no-dumping' signs in places, like the end of Kenner Street. This is one of the reasons large trees and stumps, even basketballs, floating down with all the debris, are being seen.

The wedding reception at the Ludlow Vets got moved to another hall, so the happy couple can still celebrate, only on higher ground.

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