UC Professor says Cincinnati should prepare for an earthquake

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's hard to imagine an earthquake in the tri-state but one University of Cincinnati says that they are not uncommon in our area.

Professor Attila Kilinc says since 1976, Ohio has had nearly two earthquakes a year. The most recent one recorded was in Indiana.

The tri-state area typically gets smaller earthquakes, measuring two or less on the Richter scale. This means that people in the area usually don't feel them.

If a stronger earthquake were to hit close to Cincinnati, the impacts could be even more deadly because of the hilly landscape.

"There is a real earthquake danger in Cincinnati," said Attila Kilinc, UC Professor of Geochemistry, "When the earth starts shaking, for example right now the ground is already saturated with water, it doesn't take too much of a shaking- landslides will start."

Kilinc is helping to plan an earthquake drill in May that will involve the Red Cross and Homeland Security to test just how ready the Tri-state would be if an earthquake were to strike.

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