Miami University softball team in Hawaii during tsunami

By Cory Stark – bio |email |twitter | Facebook

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - The Miami University softball team left for Hawaii on Monday for a tournament. Since their arrival, the team has had nearly every game canceled due to rain, and it has dealt with a tsunami.

"We were coming back from dinner, and some random guy came up to us and said there is a tsunami coming," said Kelly Schoenly, head softball coach. "We didn't think he was telling the truth."

But that stranger was telling the truth.

The team retreated to their hotel, and all 17 players and four coaches huddled up in one room on the 17th floor.

"We just started getting a little nervous about it so we brought everybody together and assigned them to adults in case we had to evacuate," said Schoenly.

The entire team slept in one room. Some of the girls stayed up until 3 a.m. To watch high water take over the Waikiki beach coastline.

"The water came up and over some parts of the walls around the island," said Schoenly. "The interesting thing was when we watched it, the ocean would suck the water off the beach and you could see the entire ocean floor. Then the water would come back up again and back over the wall."

Coach Schoenly said every hour sirens would go off and phone communication was lost for several hours. She says there is very little damage around their hotel, and most of the damage is to store fronts along the water.

The team is scheduled to return on Sunday.