Former Metro CEO sues for discrimination

CINCINNATI (FOX 19)—A legal battle that has been brewing for nearly six months has finally resulted in a lawsuit. Marilyn Shazor, former CEO of Metro, is suing the Loveland-based firm Professional Transit Management for employment discrimination and defamation.

Shazor is also suing SORTA, the parent organization to Metro.

According to the lawsuit, Shazor was terminated last August and then replaced Tom Hock, a white male. PTM stated that her termination was a result of questionable credibility and a decline in work performance.

Prior to her promotion to CEO of Metro, Shazor served as the Chief Operations Officer of Metro as an employee of SORTA where she received excellent reviews from her supervisors. Shazor claims that after her promotion, PTM conducted her first review four months late and her second review "not at all owing to intentional stereotypical, conscious and subconscious race and gender discrimination."

When asked to comment on this lawsuit, Metro declined.

Tom Hock continues to be an executive of PTM, but was replaced as CEO by Terry Garcia Crews last November.

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