Xavier students talk about surviving Japan earthquake and tsunami

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – The earthquake in Japan was upgraded to 9.0 on the Richter scale on Monday. For the Xavier students who were in Japan as it happened, they say it really felt like that.

"It was pretty scary. For about 10 seconds there, we all thought it could be over," said Kristal Lawrence, Xavier student.

It is considered the most violent earthquake ever recorded in Japan's history, Kristal felt it all. "We could see out the window and see buildings sway 10 to 15 feet either way.. It was pretty scary."

Kristal is finishing her MBA this year, and traveled to Tokyo as part of her studies.

17 other Xavier students joined her and all were at a business on the 26th floor of a building when the chaos happened.

"We were very lucky that the businessman that we were meeting with, he was very calm, reassured us that these things happen, and got us out of the building," said Xavier student Karlie Winnett.

The Xavier students didn't spend much time in the county before the earthquake and tsunami. They were able to go to Tokyo the day before.

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