UC graduate in Japan trying to get home: Grandparents tell his story

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An Oak Hills High School and UC graduate is trying to figure out how to get home after surviving the earthquake and tsunami in the Japanese town of Myoko.

"He's grateful for the prayers and we are too," said David Schraffenberger's grandmother Mary.

David, 25, is teaching English to Japanese elementary school students. Until Sunday night, his family had no idea if he was safe. His parents, who live in Chicago, finally heard from him on Sunday night.

"I'm more of a pessimist, so I'm thinking the worst" says his grandfather, Don. His grandmother Mary, is more optimistic "I'm thinking he's on high ground."

It turns out, he was on high ground. David was in the mountains when the quake hit. The tsunami that followed came within blocks of his apartment. "If he would've been down in town shopping or whatever, he wouldn't be here probably," said Don Schraffenberger.

David called early Monday morning. "It was surreal... He said grandpa, this is Dave."

The Schraffenbergers are so grateful for the prayers; so grateful that their oldest grandchild is safe. "Lot of 'em aren't going to find their loved ones. Think how grateful we are, it's a miracle, it's absolutely a miracle."

David wants to come how, but now the challenge is how to get him back to the Tri-State. His grandparents think it will be a while. They also tell us David has water and electricity in his apartment and three pounds of rice to live on for a while.

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