Protestors rally in Mason to speak out against government budget cuts

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Members of the political action committee Political Action plan to gather in front of the Mason Public Library Tuesday night to oppose recently proposed government budget cuts.

Organizers say the event will highlight what they believe are attacks on workers' rights by republicans on both the state and national level.

Supporters say they will hold Senator Rob Portman, and Representatives Jean Schmidt, Michael Turner, and John Boehner accountable for supporting what they call the Republicans' "immoral budget proposal".

Organizers cite the recent federal budget cuts, which they say would include cutting 43.2 million dollars in funding for Education for Disadvantaged Students, $34.6 million in funding for School Improvements, $215 million in funds for Pell Grants, and $59.8 million in funding for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) job training.

Participants say they are also using the event to show solidarity with Wisconsin workers, who they believe had their rights stripped from them last week.

Organizers released the following statement prior to the event:

"We're here today to say enough is enough. Last week, Wisconsin Republicans rammed through their attack on workers' rights in a shocking power grab, and Congress is poised to strike a horrible deal on the federal budget, gutting health care, environmental protections, and housing assistance, among many other things," said a local MoveOn member. "We want to make it clear to Senator Portman and our representatives that by supporting the Republicans' incredibly dangerous budget proposal, they are launching an assault on the American Dream. Instead of punishing working Americans, we should invest in America by making corporations and millionaires pay their fair share."

According to organizers, the political action committee does not accept any donations over $5,000, and the average donation to Political Action is under $100.

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