Supporters raise money for dog rescue cause struck by tragedy

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Supporters of Recycled Doggies rescue rallied Tuesday night at Newport on the Levee to raise money for the cause after a fire took the lives of 11 dogs in a Norwood home. Organizers say in all the event raised $7,900 dollars in addition to awareness about the rescue.

"What's here tonight is overwhelming," Shannon DeBra shared. It was DeBra's home that caught fire on January 28th.

"She's got a lot of people backing her up," doggie foster parent Lisa Cohen said. "She's got a lot of people that support her and what she does."

It is support DeBra has come to rely on after she lost her dogs in the fire.

"My life has changed completely," she shared. "Everything that was my world is totally different now. I have a very simple life with one dog and one cat rather than 15 dogs to take care of at morning and at night. "

Despite the tragedy, DeBra remains loyal to the rescues' mission.

"You don't stop doing what you're doing if it's what you love," she said, " I don't get to do it in my own home right now, but right after it we were still looking at dogs we wanted to save."

"It's been hard for her at times," Cohen said of DeBra. "But she's really strong and she's driven and that's why she's able to, after such a tragedy, pick up and start all over.

They say since the fire, supporters have come out of the woodwork looking for any way to help.

"I call it 'Facebook to the rescue'," DeBra said. "It really is an amazing thing for a rescue to connect with people"

She says she has gained 1300 Facebook friends just since the fire.

"Everyone thought I was just going to curl up in a ball and you cant. It's too important what we do," DeBra stated matter-of-factly.

Organizer says they have not decided how to spend all of the money raised Tuesday night, but DeBra says they are looking to use the money in a way that honors the lives lost in the fire.

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