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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - You might wonder why the Cincinnati Police did not just ignore all the stop lights and stop signs, and follow hot on the tail of the suspect?

As it turns out, police have no choice, no matter how fast a suspect is speeding through town.

It's written in the Cincinnati Police Officers Emergency Operation and Pursuit Driving Policy, which mandates they absolutely have to stop at every light and stop sign.

You only have to flip a few pages in to the policy and right there on Page 4, it clearly states, when driving in emergency mode, and approaching a red traffic signal or stop sign, the operator must stop the vehicle. They must yield the right-of-way to all moving vehicles and pedestrians and enter the intersection only when it's safe.

In this high-speed chase, Chief Tom Streicher outlined how it all went down.

"The suspect initially pulled to the curb and then very quickly leaves the curb and turns east bound on Thill and then south bound on Rice Street."

He bolted and police took off after him through Mount Auburn, through Corryville and when police got to the bottom of Sycamore Hill, they stopped.

"You'll see that our vehicles have to slow and stop for some red lights at reading road as well as at Central Parkway," Chief Streicher said.

And as the police video showed, the suspect failed to stop for any of the lights. You actually lose sight of the SUV in the police video, and that is when the accident happened.

"The crash was not captured on the video from the police car, simply because they're out of range," Chief Streicher said. "The vehicle gets that far ahead of the police car."

Officers must weigh the safety risks with the consequences of allowing the suspect to escape.

They weigh the degree of risk to others, the officers and suspect, the location of pursuit, road conditions, time of day, the seriousness of suspected crime and the likelihood of successful apprehension.

Unlike pursuit scenes in the movies, Cincinnati Police Officers will not attempt to stop or slow a pursued vehicle by boxing in, heading off, ramming, or driving alongside during a pursuit.

You can read the entire high-speed pursuit policy, it is lengthy, but well-worth checking out, by clicking here.

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