Cabbie's widow speaks to FOX19

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The cabbie killed Wednesday morning leaves behind a wife and family and she spoke-out to FOX19.

Kathy Sidi tearfully said she and her husband started dating exactly 8 years ago on this date he was killed.

She never thought she'd be planning her husband's funeral, not even a decade into their marriage.

"He was one of God's angels on earth," she sobbed. "He was the sweetest, kindest, most-patient man in the world."

But now Sidi's widow is making burial plans for her husband, 34-year-old Mohamed Ould Sidi.

"It would have been 8 years this summer," she said.

The couple would have celebrated nearly a decade of marriage.

"Here's when we got married," she said, holding-up their wedding picture.

They met at the airport, both were employed driving taxis.

"I remember the first time I noticed him," Kathy Sidi said. "He was in the back of the cab and I walked past and he smiled at me and my stomach just started doing flip flops and my heart started pounding, it was just your typical school-girl crush and I fell in love with him that minute."

Police came to her door shortly after 4 Wednesday morning.

"No," she said defiantly, unable to come to grips with her husband's death. "It's all just stupid."

"He was always careful," she said.

She worried her husband might be robbed or attacked by a client, working late at night, but getting killed in a car accident, was not even on her radar.

"He always worked nights," she said. "He made more money, there was less cabs out then."

"That's terrible," said his friend and fellow cabbie, Bola Ajao, who admits it's a tough business to be in.

"It is highly dangerous in driving a taxi at night," Ajao said. "That is why the city has to allow us to carry concealed weapons."

"He (Sidi) just come here to United States to make a living," Ajao said. "Just to make a living."

"They stole my husband and another lady's life," Sidi said with tears in her eyes.

She said he husband had just become an American citizen back in October, 2010.

And, that he was helping his family back home in Mauritania, sending them some of the extra money he was earning, working that late-night shift as a cabbie here in Cincinnati.

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