KY educational funding explained

CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY (FOX19)---In this second grade classroom at Crossroads Elementary, the kids are learning fractions. It's fitting because in Kentucky, funding for schools is all about fractions. The money comes from a complicated pie.

"The slices are pretty different. State funding makes up about 45% percent of all the funding that our local school systems get. Local funding makes up 36% percent of all of their money, and federal funding makes up about 19%," says Lisa Gross of the Kentucky Department of Education.

"It's the formula in Kentucky that makes the major difference, but that is not to say that in Kentucky we are not experiencing cuts," says Anthony Strong, superintendent of Campbell County schools.

He says his district and others have benne forced in the last few months to make tough budget decisions, based on the state's budget shortfalls and decreases in property taxes.

But Strong says a levy vote in Campbell County or other Northern Kentucky school districts is unlikely.

"We did a levee, I guess it was about five years ago, as far as an increase for a general fund and a building project, and that did not pass," says Strong.

Strong says the state allows districts to get the money they need through a different formula for taxes than Ohio's.

"There is a house bill, 44, which restricts the amount of percentage increase school districts can raise without going to a levee. We're allowed to do a four percent increase from year to year," says Strong.

Strong says his district and others will likely be taking that this year. Just like Ohio, Kentucky's legislature is wrestling with millions of dollars in budget shortfalls.

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