Prosecutors: No juror misconduct in Widmer case

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - According to motions filed by prosecutors in Warren County, Ryan Widmer's guilty verdict should not be overturned, and he should not get a new trial.

Widmer is currently serving 15 years to life in prison after he was convicted of murder last month, for the drowning death of his wife Sarah.

In the motion prosecutors say "the defendant's allegation of juror misconduct is based exclusively on inadmissible hearsay statements which this Court may not consider."

Prosecutors are referring specifically to Juror D.E., who the defense claims told someone with initials S.L., "We know he's guilty, he is going to burn in hell."

But Juror D.E. emphatically denied making that statement when she spoke exclusively to Fox 19.
" It is an out and out lie," said Juror D.E.
The prosecution's motion goes on to say,  "The witness S.L. denied any inappropriate conduct and swore that although she has spoken with D.E., she has not spoke with her
substantively about the case." Juror D.E. told FOX 19, they never talked about Ryan Widmer.
"Me and my friend never, never, discussed Ryan Widmer at all," Juror D.E. said.
Prosecutors also pointed out in the motion that defense attorneys didn't ask to excuse any jurors during the trial. A second motion filed by prosecutors says they presented sufficient evidence to maintain a murder conviction.

Judge Bronson has set a hearing for March 23 for both sides to discuss the motions.

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