Bengal player plays financial football with local students

Nate Livings
Nate Livings

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READING, OH (FOX 19) - A Cincinnati Bengal football player is paying a visit to a local high school to teach them about the game of finances.

Nate Livings, Guard for the Cincinnati Bengals, is coming to Reading High School to play Financial Football with the Finance I and Finance II classes on March 23rd from 10am to 11am.

Financial football is an interactive game dealing with financial literacy questions. As one answers questions correctly, the team moves down the field, closer to their goal post. The questions get harder as the game goes on, and one will lose yards, or the ball if questions are answered incorrectly.

A group called TeenDollars is hosting the event. The website they have created is student run and is designed for teens to teach other teens about financial literacy. The website combines games, articles and even lesson plans for teachers, at one convenient location. The site is free of charge and can be extremely helpful for both learning and educating about money management and financial literacy. To visit the site click on the link:

If you would like additional information please contact Brian Page at:  or (513) 733-4422.

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