Local shelters get a taste of Waterfront steaks

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The Welcome House and Parish Kitchen are keeping busy planning menus with some very different donated ingredients.

Last week restaurateur Jeff Ruby donated hundreds of pounds of steak, ribs and shrimp to both shelters. Ruby's Waterfront restaurant has been closed since March 11 after a mooring broke loose, releasing the floating restaurant down the Ohio River about 85 feet.

Without any customers to serve, Ruby decided to donated the unused meat to those in need.

The Parish Kitchen serves 180 people a day, creating lines of hungry men, women and children in need of a nutritious meal. Now the kitchen is able to serve its finest dinner to date: steak worth $52 a piece.

"It's kind of always been a running joke around here where they'll come running to the door and say, 'We're having steak today, right?' We've never had steak so that will be something that will definitely be a big treat for them," says Linnior Rich, Assistant Director at Parish Kitchen.

A big treat for many people that are grateful for the donation and appreciate Ruby's kindness.

"It's been awhile so it's probably going to taste pretty good," says Raymond McElfresh, who currently lives in Covington.

"For somebody to reach out and do something like that, how can you thank them enough?" says Bob Chaney, a recent divorcee living at Fairhaven Rescue Mission, a men's shelter in Covington.

Right next door to Parish Kitchen is The Welcome House, a shelter that serves 35 women and children three times a day. The Welcome House says it has already used the steak and shrimp to make seven meals and still have enough left for 14.

"This is just one example throughout the community of how a bad circumstance or a bad situation can actually be turned into good," says Ashley Anderson, Development Director for The Welcome House.

"We got to be very creative with how we used some of the steaks to make it last as long as possible and it saved us a ton of money on the grocery bills that we have to feed the men and women who stay at the shelter," says Anderson.

Parish Kitchen is waiting before it serves the high quality meat, Rich says they are planning a big grill out for the beginning of April to enjoy Ruby's generous donation.

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