Storm produces major hail and rips roof off house

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Wednesday's storm dropped lots of hail in Butler and Warren counties, and ripped the roof off of a northern Kentucky home.

There was a period for a good 5 to 10 minutes in parts of Hamilton, Trenton and Oxford, that it did not pay to be outside in the storm or get beaned in the head by a shower of hail.

There was an ominous view from Tylersville road, looking west at the heavy clouds about to descend. Despite that deceptive glimmer of sun from behind, that heat would only fuel the ferocious storms, as they pelted parts of Butler and Warren counties.

"Probably lasted seven, eight minutes," said car salesman Greg Combs, who got caught in a hail of hail. He jumped into his car. "Well, when I ducked into the car, I made a phone call to a relative because it literally sounded like there had to be damage."

Combs showed what he quickly snapped on his cell phone, a blanket of hail that had covered the ground outside his car.

"Well, I rushed inside my car and waited for the hail to actually stop and then looking outside my car, it appeared as if we had about a half an inch of snow on the ground," Combs said. "It was completely white on the lot."

The sun melted all the evidence a short time later.

And after inspecting his car and all of the others on the Rose Automotive Group's lot, he felt satisfied.

"Now that it's dry and with a little bit of sunlight, it doesn't appears there's any damages," Combs said. "Which is surprising."

Not far away in Trenton, cell phone video from a viewer showed a front yard covered in hail and rain water gushing from the gutters.

In Verona, Ky., the roof was torn off the home of 58-year-old Ralph Hutchinson's, right down to the dinner bell, laying on the ground.

His son Jason explained what happened to his dad after that.

"He's been battling pancreatic cancer for about two and a half years," Hutchinson said. "About a year ago it went into remission, and then it came back in his liver, and they told him about a year ago, he had maybe a year to live."

Their prayers were answered within minutes of this so-called act, where the roof came flying off.

They got a call from the doctor.

"The cancer had went into remission again and he said, well that trumps my roof blowing off today," his son joked. "So he was pretty happy and excited."

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