Councilman calls on council to cancel summer recess, work on budget

Charlie Winburn
Charlie Winburn

Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn is calling on Mayor Mark Mallory and all of City Council to cancel their traditional 2-month summer recess in order to develop a long term plan to fend off another possible budget deficit.

Winburn said in a press release that another $60 million budget deficit is possible. He said the mayor and council should work to make sure police, fire and sanitation services are not cut.

Winburn will introduce a resolution to forego the recess during the Monday, March 28 council meeting. The resolution will also include:

  1. Developing long term budget strategies to reduce city spending.
  2. Recommending the elimination of ineffective city programs, agencies, departments, and divisions.
  3. Developing strategies to right size the local city government.
  4. Directing the City Manager to conduct independent outside performance audits on all city departments and divisions with a view toward promoting local government efficiency, fiscal accountability, avoiding government waste, and promoting strategic growth in the city.
  5. Discussing reforms of the entire city budget process to position our local city government in order to leverage its resources to attract businesses that will locate their headquarters in Cincinnati with view toward creating 5,000 new good-paying private sector jobs over the next five years by promoting strategic growth.

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