Mason mother fights for Libyan humanitarian rights

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - One Libyan-American family from the Tri-State is taking their activism oversees. A mother who says she had been working as an ESL teacher in Mason says she cannot stand on the sidelines as Libyans fight for basic humanitarian rights.

"It's a sacrifice," Shahrazad Kablan acknowledged. "I'm leaving everything. I'm leaving my job, going on a trip to a place where I'm not sure what I'll be doing."

Kablan says she is moving from her role as teacher into the role of a Libyan freedom fighter.

"We grew up there, we have family there," Kablan explained. "We see them being slaughtered and massacred and not treated well so it is our duty to help our family and our friends back home."

For weeks, Shahradaz says she has been working with her husband to raise awareness about what is going on in Libya.

"I knew that she'd been going to DC a lot and New York and just demonstrating and I was really proud of her for that," her 19-year-old son Omran Bugazia shared. "I thought she was doing a great job, but I never would have thought she was going overseas."

This week Shahradaz says she was approached about helping to launch a new TV station in the region called Free Libya.

"We have a TV and we have a radio channel and we listen to what Gadhafi wants us to listen to and that's it," Kablan explained.

So now Kablan says she is packing her bags to bring a new voice to the Libyan airwaves.

"I'm very, very happy that it's happening because finally they can have a free country," Kablan said. "Finally they can have some dignity because they've lived under this regime with no dignity for years."

"The wall of fear has come down and [that is] what this has brought out all of these good things," Kablan's husband Salah Bugazia said. "All of these great things about the Libyan people; all of the innovation and the creativity."

Shaharadaz knows there is a great risk involved in her efforts.

"We are potentially apart of [Gadhafi's] list so we know we are putting ourselves in danger once we speak out," Kablan said.

"It's a little intimidating and scary," Omar admitted. "I don't want to lose my mom overseas."

"Death is death. If I die at least I die for something that I'm proud of," Kablan said.  "If I die it's for freedom. It's for something noble."

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