Former Representative Steve Driehaus taking family to Africa for Peace Corp work

Steve Driehaus
Steve Driehaus

With his political career behind him, former Representative Steve Driehaus and family are headed to Africa to work in the Peace Corp.

Driehaus is heading to Swaziland in Southern Africa to work as the country director there, with a specific focus to help people with HIV and AIDS. Driehaus says, "It's a crisis in Southern Africa, about 27% of all adults in Swaziland are infected with HIV or AIDS, they estimate that about 10,000 households are run by orphans."

Driehaus says before he got into politics, his background was in international development. He went to work for the Peace Corp right after college. He also worked for the US Information Agency doing work in Southern Africa.

"Having this time off allowed me to kind of reassess priorities, obviously spent a lot of time talking to my wife, talking to my kids, seeing what the next move was, that made sense for us and we very much wanted to do this, so we're all on-board," said Driehaus.

He says it's going to be a great experience for his kids and for their whole family.

Driehaus will be heading to Swaziland in June, and his family will join him soon after that.

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