Could gas prices start impacting food prices?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With a new baby in the house, Megan Fenno's turned to clipping coupons. She is pretty organized about it, and Megan says she worries that prices are going up on the things she and her husband need for a growing family.

"The cost of everything in general is just kind of going up gradually, I've noticed," says Fenno.

She also worries that higher prices could be related to higher costs at the gasoline pump.

But local grocers FOX19 spoke with say that's not necessarily true.

"Gas prices have been inflated now for a month or so, and usually I think it takes a while for all that to trickle down into the commodities market," says Pat Iasillo, the spokesman for Rempke-Biggs Supermarkets.

He says weather conditions and problems with supply have been the real contributors to higher wholesale food prices.

"There was a drought in Russia, they had extreme heat, their grain production is down five percent, and that affects the entire world market," says Iasillo.

Higher prices are something that Iasillo says his company knows consumers can't take much of this year. He says every grocer learned a lot about what consumers can take during the gas crunch of 2008.

"We don't operate in a vacuum here, we have to stay competitive with everybody else," says Iasillo.

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