Bank robbery suspect first interviewed as witness

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - Police say a Dearborn County man who was originally interviewed as a witness to a bank robbery is actually the suspect who committed the crime.

The U.S. Bank in downtown Lawrenceburg was robbed on Saturday, March 12.

Victor Carp, 23, was eventually identified as a suspect in the case after several calls from the public indicating he matched the physical description of the suspect from the bank's surveillance video.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect had fled on foot from the bank after the robbery, and had entered an apartment building a short distance away. It was initially believed that the suspect had exited the apartment through a rear door and fled elsewhere.

Carp was actually interviewed in the apartment building on the day of the robbery, and was arrested at that time on a warrant from an unrelated case. As the investigation continued, detectives determined that Carp was also the one who robbed the bank.

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