Sheriffs looking for woman connected to a debit card burglary at a warehouse

WALTON, KY (FOX19) -- The Boone County Sheriff's Office is looking for a woman who they say stole another person's debit card at a Walton distribution warehouse.

On Tuesday, March 22, an unidentified woman walked into the GSI Logistics distribution warehouse located at 40 Logistics Boulevard a short time before 6:30am. The woman entered the employee entrance, walked directly to the locker room and broke into a locker taking the employee's debit card.

Surveillance video shows a white woman with medium height and build with dark hair pulled into a pony tail. She was wearing a dark t-shirt over a grey hoodie and what looks like pajama pants (possibly sweatpants) and white tennis shoes.

On the video she was seen looking through the louvered vents in various locker doors before removing a tool and prying open a door.

Officials say they believe she left the lot in a dark colored smaller pickup truck (i.e. Ford Ranger) with a bumper sticker on the left side of the rear bumper.

Anyone with information about the identity of the woman is asked to call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040 or the Boone County Sheriff's Department at 859-334-2175.